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Gardening 101 - Online Course

Easy and affordable horticultural practices for growing a healthy thriving beautiful garden.

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Everything you need to know about gardening and how to create a beautiful thriving garden, all in one course!

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We have taken years of horticultural studies, horticultural techniques and best practices for growing and maintaining a garden that is healthy, flourishing and beautiful and condensed these secretes into nine easy to follow video guides, nine printable pdf documents and four additional guides and placed them in one course, teaching you how to identify your soil type, how to choose the right plants for the right places in your garden, how to plant and transplant, how to propagate from seeds, by splitting and dividing and through cuttings, how to groom your plants, how to prune, how to fertilise and feed your garden and how to identify and deal with pests and diseases in your garden. Everything you need to know about how to create a beautiful healthy thriving garden.

This is a self study course and all content is available immediately upon registration. You can work through the material at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

You will also join a private Facebook forum – Gardening 101 – so that you can share the learning with fellow students on the course.

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  • Module 1: Prepare the soil

    Prepare the soil explores the foundation of a beautiful garden –  soil. Helps you to identify the type of soil in your garden and shows you how to improve your soil.

  • Module 2: Right plant, right place

    Right plant, right place guides you through the process of choosing plants that will thrive in the unique climatic conditions of your garden. This module includes a free Hydro-zoning Guide.


  • Module 3: Transplanting

    Transplanting: Plants that are not thriving in your garden may need to be moved to a better location within the garden and in this module will show you step by step how to transplant your plants.


  • Module 4: Planting

    Planting: A practical guide to planning and planting your plants successfully. This module includes a free Getting to know you plants Guide.

  • Module 5: Sowing Seeds

    Sowing seeds is a practical guide to successfully raise plants from seed. A much cheaper way of adding plants to your garden.

  • Module 6: Splitting and Dividing

    Splitting and Dividing is a great way of saving money and using what you already have in the garden. This module will show you step by step how to split and divide your plants. and includes a free Perennial Splitting Guide.


  • Module 7: Cuttings

    Cuttings is a practical guide to  propagating plants from cuttings.

  • Module 8 : Fertilising and Feeding

    Fertilising and Feeding develops your knowledge and understanding of organic and synthetic fertilisers and when and how to use them in your garden.


  • Module 9: Plant Grooming

    Plant Grooming is a practical guide to looking after your plants for lush healthy growth and shows you how to correctly deadhead and prune. This module includes a free Plant Doctor Guide to help you identify the pests and diseases in your garden and the remedy.

Gardening 101 will take you from understanding the different types of plants all the way to having healthy, thriving plants in your garden as you discover the importance of having good soil,  what that means, how to the improve the soil in your garden and how and when to fertilise and feed your plants.
You will learn about choosing the right plant for the right place and how to plant correctly so that your plants reward you tenfold by growing into thriving, beautiful plants.
We share the skills you need for plant grooming and pruning.
Learn how to identify pests and diseases and the different remedies you can use to keep your garden healthy.

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Who is Tasha?

Tasha Tollman is an award winning published South African garden designer who has taken aspiring, novice and seasoned gardeners to the next level, introducing play, colour and fun into their gardens. Her courses combines traditional knowledge with fresh ideas on garden design and caring for your garden. Her purpose and passion are creating spaces that brings joy and transports you to a magical place.

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