Free Plant Doctor guide!

Download a Free Plant Doctor guide.

We have compiled a guide that contains solutions to plant disease and damage. Easy to use guide with pictures and solutions.

You see the damage being caused by pests and fungal diseases to your plants, often before you see any evidence of pests in your garden. This guide helps you to identify the pests or fungal diseases in your garden by looking at the damage caused to the plant – curled and yellowed leaves, discolouration and cupping of leaves, holes in leaves, infected fruit, leaf spots, patchy lawns, stunted plant growth, wilted leaves and stems. And to help you correctly identify what is attacking your plants, we list some plants most commonly attacked by different pests. Once you have identified what is attacking your plants, action is needed to combat the pest or fungal disease and so this guide looks at suggested organic and chemical control methods that can be used to combat different pests and/or diseases. This guide will help you to become the plant doctor in your own garden as you nurture, protect and heal your plants.

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