Free Hydrozone Guide

Download a Free Hydrozoning Guide

We have compiled a guide on Hydro zoning your garden.

Hydro zoning is the horticultural practice of selecting and planting plants with similar water requirements together so that they can be watered without under watering the thirsty plants or over watering the more water conservative plants. Planting plants with similar water requirements together, in zones (areas of your garden) helps your garden to thrive, perform better during dry spells, saves you water, the most precious of our resources at the moment, saves you watering time and saves you money on your water bills whilst ensuring that your garden will be less affected by water restrictions.

This guide explains the three water zones – low water, medium water and high water – in the garden and how you can apply these zones to your garden. The guide also includes an extensive list of low water zone plants to get you started. Be waterwise, hydro zone you garden!

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