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Grow a Garden

Hello fellow gardener!

I started the DIY Garden Design Club on the 13th June 2018 to share, educate and form community with fellow gardeners as we live and pursue our passion for growing beautiful gardens. Every day I am amazed at the generosity, kindness and wisdom on offer by our wonderful club members. This e-book shares with you some of the wisdom from the club members to get you started on your own gardening adventure – enjoy!

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The Plant Doctor

The Plant Doctor offers solutions to all the common problems the gardener may experience in their garden.

You see the damage being caused by pests and fungal diseases to your plants, often before you see any evidence of pests in your garden. This guide helps you to identify the pests or fungal diseases in your garden by looking at the damage caused to the plant.

The guide has easy to identify pictures for these garden ailments with suggested organic and chemical control methods that can be used to combat different pests and/or diseases.

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Timeless Garden Design Principles


This guide will share with you nine principles of great garden design which you can apply to your own garden. Learn the concepts and application of the ideas behind Spirit of Place, Simplicity, Austerity, Tranquility, Break from Routine, Borrowed Scenery, Imperfection and The Mystery of the Unseen.

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Hydro-zoning your Garden

Hydro zoning is the horticultural practice of selecting and planting plants with similar water requirements together so that they can be watered without under watering the thirsty plants or over watering the more water conservative plants. Planting plants with similar water requirements together, in zones (areas of your garden) helps your garden to thrive, perform better during dry spells, saves you water, the most precious of our resources at the moment, saves you watering time and saves you money on your water bills whilst ensuring that your garden will be less affected by water restrictions.

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